4 Best Ways To Maintain Good Mental Health

We visit a hospital for regular routine checkup to ensure our good physical health; we work hard all day and night to ensure our financial stability; every one of us aspire for balanced and stable life and in the course of achieving it we forget about the most important thing, our mental stability. We forget that the key element to a quality life is sound mental health.

Too many people are suffering from mental instability but only few of them realize it, talk about it and work for it. So, it’s now time for every one of us to focus on our mental health. We must give some time on those things that help us to maintain good mental health.

Here are the 4 Best Ways To Maintain Good Mental Health:

#1 Maintain Your Physical Health

Your physical health plays a very important role in maintaining a good mental health. Sometimes, your lifestyle factors can also be the cause of your mental problems. Here are some ways to maintain your physical health.

1.1 Get Plenty Of Sleep

Man sleeping comfortably in the bed

In our normal day to day busy routine, we sometimes ignore the sleep but sleep plays a vital role in deteriorating as well as improving our mental health.

Poor sleep can affect our mood, concentration and our ability to stay awake and function during the whole day as well as it can invite problems like anxiety and depression. So, getting plenty of sleep is very important. It prepares you to perform as a heavy duty machine the next day and also helps to maintain good mental health.

1.2 Eat Healthy Diet

Proteins-Vitamins Enriched Healthy Diet

Your diet can influence everything from your energy level to your healthy brain functioning. Increase the intake of foods rich in vitamins and minerals, which have been shown to reduce stress, improve moods, increase oxygen flow to the brain and boost cognitive thinking and reasoning abilities. Such foods include blueberries, citrus fruits, nuts, fish, avocados, coffee, egg yolk, beets, broccoli, dark chocolates etc.

Gentleman, with an intake of proper diet, our mind and our overall body feels good and fully charged. Thus, a good and nutritious diet helps a lot to maintain good mental health.

1.3 Exercise

Man Lifting Bar-Bell

Exercising regularly also helps to elevate some stress as well as makes you physically fit. You can exercise as per the way you feel comfortable. It might include yoga, gym, running, cycling, swimming etc. You can even do some body-weight exercises at your home.

When you start lifting weights, you are only focused there, no other distractions and also when you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These hormones will trigger a positive feeling in your body. Once you start feeling good, this directly relates to your mental health. Thus, gentleman, exercise is one of the best and the must to maintain good mental health.

1.4 Meditate


According to some research, meditation is proven to be associated with improvements in many important health conditions, including depression, post-traumatic stress, and hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

Meditation also helps you to get rid of the negative thoughts and ensures sound brain functioning. Your mind’s state determines your food intake and sleeping habits. So, let your mind explore the great, flowing freely on its way. It’s the cure and the most effective way to maintain good mental health.

#2 Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts

It is very important to control your negative thoughts and manage as well as minimize your pessimistic outlook towards everything around you. Here are some ways to get rid of negative thoughts:

2.1 Stay Productive

Productive Working Space

Do not stay idle in your leisure time as it can be the best period for accumulation of negative thoughts. Do something productive like writing, drawing, singing or anything which you are fond of. This can enhance your mood as well as prevent the negative thoughts to occupy your brain.

Gentleman, an empty mind is the place for the devil. It continuously generates negative thoughts. So, get involved in some productive work. Being productive not only gets your task done but also helps to maintain good mental health more effectively.

2.2 Give Time To Yourself

You can also spend some time caring and pampering yourself. You can listen to your favorite songs, cook something delicious for yourself or watch movies. Some personal care or grooming can also be the best way to eliminate your negative thoughts.

Discover the things you need. Don’t get too disturbed mentally. Gentleman, you must maintain good mental health. You deserve many more.

2.3 Letting Go

Try figuring out the cause of your negative thoughts and from where you are getting all these negative influences. It might be either toxic relationship, if so, you can let go of such things which are affecting you more than helping you out. It might be either a bad circle of friends or people who might be demotivating you or some people passing their judgements. Let’s avoid such people and everything from where you get negative vibes.

2.4 Talk To Closed Ones

Landline Phones

Whenever any negative thoughts strike your mind, it is better to talk to someone who is close to you and understands you. Do not hesitate to seek out help. Sometimes few words of someone can also provide a great healing for you. Talk to the people whom you trust and feel good with and share about your negative thoughts.

Gentleman, spending time within your friend circle or same age group is great. But get a habit of spending time with those people who are younger than you and those older than you. This helps you to gain the capability to analyze the things through different perspectives. This greatly helps you to maintain good mental health.

#3 Stay Positive

The foremost important way to maintain good mental health is by being humble and positive. Positive thinking has lots of benefits such as increased life span, lower rates of depression, lower levels of distress, and better coping skills during times of stress.

These are the things you can do to always stay positive:

3.1 Appreciate The Moment

Observing sunrise early in the morning

Practice appreciating each and every moment in life.

As it says that “Life is short”, so instead of seeing negative sides of everything, it is better to appreciate each and everything, it not only makes life easier but also provides happiness and helps to maintain good mental health. So, take a moment to appreciate everything in your life.

3.2 Self-Admiration

In this competitive world, every one of us is trying to be better than the other, comparing ourselves with others and depreciating the self. You may find yourself lost while running after others.

Therefore, practice looking at the mirror and complimenting yourself, admire yourself for what you are, admire your work and admire everything you do.

3.3 Entertainment

Playing Video Games

We have confined ourselves so much in all these social media, though they have some benefits, but it also creates a negative impact on us.

So, instead of indulging all day in social media, you can engage yourself on those things that entertains you. It may be playing your favorite video game or watching movies. Just relax and enjoy.

3.4 Recollect Your Positive Memories

We always try remembering our failures in order to stimulate us to work hard but this can create a negative impact on your mind.

Take some time to recollect all the positive memories and think about all the achievements you have made so far, smaller to bigger, appreciate them and appreciate everything that you have achieved so far. This also helps your brain in functioning positively.

#4 Self-Improvement

It is always good to work on yourself and try being a better version of yourself every day. This helps in boosting your confidence and also helps in strengthening your mental health.

Gentleman, it’s also the primary step to maintain good mental health on our self-improvement journey. Here are some ways you can follow to improve yourself:

4.1 Recognize Your Weakness

Try figuring out your weak point and weakness and find its cause and try eliminating it. It might be some toxic relationship which is making you weaker day by day, so as said as earlier, get rid of it. If it’s about some fear of losing something or someone, try overcoming it and the thing you should always remember is “the right thing and the right person who is meant to be in your life will be there no matter what”.

4.2 Accept Yourself

You should understand that everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. So, accept yourself the way you are and appreciate what you have. And try not holding any insecurities about looks, works or success. Give your hundred percent in everything and do not worry about the outcome and be prepared to welcome everything that comes your way, be it success or failure.

4.3 Maintain Journal

Write journal everyday

This is one of the good ways to be the better version of you and understand yourself. Start writing a journal and give some minutes of your every day to write about what you have done and what you felt during the whole day. When you go on writing every day, you will yourself figure out the thing that is holding you back and the thing you need to do to head forward.

4.4 Make A Habit Of Reading Book

Man reading a book

This might be quite difficult for the one who is not used to reading much but this is one of the most effective ways to improve yourself.

Books are the ocean of knowledge and not a single minute of reading a book will go waste. So, pick up the best books which focus on mental healing and make a habit of reading every day. It will not only help in enhancing your knowledge but will also make you feel better, feel upgraded.

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