5 Effective Night Time Routine For Men

Too hard to fall asleep? Difficult to get relaxed after a long busy day?
Gentleman, a good night time routine sets you up for a sound sleep.

Curious to know the must follow effective night time routine for men? You will surely notice positive changes in your sleeping pattern and in your overall health once you have a solid night time routine.

Gentleman, here are the 5 Effective Night Time Routine For Men:

#1 Follow Your Night Time Grooming Routine

Man drying his face using white towel

Sweat, Dirt, Pollution throughout the whole day. Now it’s time to take care of your skin, hair and your body, cleansing it and making it ready to get repaired and rejuvenate again. Cleanliness and hygiene always matters. So, you must prioritize your night time grooming routine.

Your Night Time Grooming Routine plays a vital role in your overall skin health as well. This routine will allow your skin to get repaired and rejuvenate faster and more effectively. Gentleman, this must be the first thing in the night time routine for men.

#2 Put Away All Your Gadgets

Phone on the laptop keyboard

You probably don’t even realize how your smartphone or habit of using electronic gadgets are affecting your brain’s health and your sleeping pattern.

Electronic gadgets will keep your mind engaged as your mind will starve for that information, for entertainment when you are about to turn off the lights and go to sleep.

Also, the blue light emitted from the screen suppresses your melatonin (hormone responsible for sleep-wake cycle) level in your body, which results in lack of sound sleep.

So, make a habit of avoiding exposure to that blue light emitted from the screen during bed time. Make a habit of putting away all your electronic gadgets an hour before going to bed. This will allow your eyes and brain to retain back to its normal form, resulting in a sound sleep.

#3 Plan For Your Next Day

Black pen on an open notebook

Always in a hurry as you get out of your bed? This may even ruin your morning or may be your whole day. So, to overcome this problem, always plan your next day a night before going to bed.

You can create your to-do list and manage your time as per it. You can visualize your next day while you are planning it. This helps you to be prepared and act accordingly. When to wake up, what to wear or where to go, plan all these things, note it down on your journal or maybe on your smartphone.

Gentleman, you can even review or analyze your current day. This helps you to find out the task you have left and can plan it for the next day to complete. Make a complete journal of your day. This makes you more concerned and responsible for all the tasks you have done and left to do the next day.

Journal also helps you to find out that missing thing in your day to day life. Find it, solve it, and celebrate it.

#4 Read A Book

Opened Book

A lot of things are going on your mind. Hustling throughout a whole day. Now your mind needs to be calm and focused. And surely, reading a book helps you to achieve all this.

This will relax your mind and your body helping you to get a sound sleep. Also the most productive things listed in this effective night time routine for men.

#5 Make Your Environment Comfortable

Comfortable bed inside dark room

Final touch in this effective night time routine for men. Now you have completed all the things mentioned above. But no matter how much you try, you can’t sleep well in an uncomfortable environment.

Dim a light, drop your room temperature as per your need, get comfortable, take off all your accessories, put on that comfy pajamas, manage your bed and lie down.


Gentleman, night time is the most vital time for your overall health. This is the time where your body enters into the rest cycle and there will be a lot going inside your body. All these effective night time habits mentioned above will surely boost you up while you wake up early in the morning the next day.

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