Calisthenics or Weights. Which Suits You Best?

We all know that if we want to achieve a healthy body, we must exercise. But which type of exercises should we do? Which suits you best? Calisthenics or Weights?

Today, I am going to talk about calisthenics and weight exercises. Let me clear that I am not going to decide which one is the best. Both calisthenics and weight exercises are the best in their way.

First, let’s begin with what they mean.

Let’s start with calisthenics. Simply, Calisthenics is a type of workout that uses a person’s body weight with little or no equipment. On the other hand, Weight exercises include additional weights and equipment to perform workouts.

Calisthenics or Weights. Gentleman, Which Suits You Best?

Now let’s find out which exercise you should do to achieve that physique everyone is craving. Let’s find out which one should you choose, Calisthenics or Weights, or Both?

You Should Do Calisthenics If:

Man doing handstand
  1. You prefer to work out at home, or do not have time to commute to a gym.
  2. You prefer to use a minimal amount of equipment.
  3. You desire functional strength in all basic human movement patterns.
  4. You do not care about developing a lot of lower body muscle.
  5. You are an absolute beginner and want to start with the basics.

You Should Do Weight Training If:

Weight Training
  1. You have access to a fully stocked gym (squat rack, barbells, dumbbells, plates, bench press).
  2. You understand how to mimic functional movement patterns using weights.
  3. You are willing to learn how to use proper technique.
  4. You desire to build more muscle mass than what is possible with calisthenics.
  5. You desire to isolate specific muscles.
  6. You are morbidly obese.

You Should Do Both If (Recommended):

  1. You want to develop a very strong well-rounded body.
  2. You like to add variety to your training.
  3. You have access to a gym, but you also would like to master working out on the go.

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Now, I am sure that you have got some more ideas to decide on calisthenics or weights training to achieve your dream physique.

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Editorial Team
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