11 Must-Have Clothing Items To Get Your Crush Like You

Want to impress your crush? Worried about not being noticed by the person you like the most?
No worries gentleman, I am here to help you with the 11 must-have clothing items to get your crush like you.

Curious to know what are those 11 flickering clothing items?
Gentleman, I assure you that all these items will make you look 10/10.

So, here are the 11 Must Have Clothing Items To Get Your Crush Like You:

1. A Beanie

Only one clothing item that can work like a miracle for some guys, but not for all as it depends on the shape of your head. If you have a regular-shaped face, beanies will for sure make you look even more attractive in your crush’s eyes. But for those with irregularly shaped faces, beanies will just ruin your whole look. So, be careful when wearing a beanie, whether to enhance or just throw off your look. Another advantage of wearing a beanie may be the time when you are in a hurry and have no time to make your hair.

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2. A White T-Shirt

A quality white t-shirt sounds normal but it does bring out a great look for your body without you even realizing it. Also, a white t-shirt is beneficial to a skinny guy as bright colors make the body look bulkier. Wearing a quality, clean, and well-fitted white t-shirt not only attracts your crush but effortlessly describes your positive side towards cleanliness and that’s a plus point gentleman.

3. A Polo Shirt

A fabulous clothing item that suits all body types. A polo shirt enhances your body parts keeping it formal, classy, and slightly sporty. One of the clothing items that always fits well and you can layer it up with other formal pieces such as a sweater and blazer.

4. A Flannel Shirt

A Flannel Shirt is something that women love for men. It makes a man look like a lumberjack, which is then translated to your crush as being drop-dead sexy. So, if you want to look like an alpha male, throw on a flannel.

5. A Fitted Sweater

Wearing a fitted sweater that perfectly fits your body will instantly make you look more attractive in your crush’s eyes. A fitted sweater shows off your muscles, the thing many women love in a man. So, gentleman, this is the best chance to get noticed by your crush.

6. All-Purpose Hoodie

All-Purpose hoodie is the clothing item that has the stamina to take you from a coffee to the gym to a casual meetup and your office as well. Just you need to know how to layer it or combine it with your other outfits.

7. The Cardigan

The cardigan is a good choice that can be almost worn by layering other outfits or it can be the main piece of the whole attire. With a cardigan, you can create a new look for your wardrobe without even having to change what you’re already wearing. It gives you a classy look in less time and effort.

8. Bomber Jacket

One of the most versatile clothing items you must have in your wardrobe which you can wear all year round and still look good. Bomber Jacket is well suited to any body type. So, if you want to make your crush notice and like you, layer up a bomber jacket over your outfit.

9. A Leather Biker Jacket

A leather biker jacket will give you a bad boy looks instantly. It is a cropped leather jacket, usually in black, complete with studs and asymmetric zips. This jacket looks slick day or night making you look and feel like an alpha male a whole day.

10. A Pair of Comfy Joggers

You cannot always wear jeans. A pair of comfy joggers can be a good replacement for your jeans. Even a pair of comfortable joggers can look versatile when you pair them with the right one, giving you comfortable and chill vibes.

11. Black Fitted Jeans

A clothing item that makes you 10X more mysterious and desirable. As black color is proven to implement thoughts of curiosity from a woman’s viewpoint, wearing black jeans is a good call to impress your crush. But make sure that your black jeans are well-fitted.

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