A Complete Guide On The Perfect T-shirt Fit For Men

Gentleman, here comes A Complete Guide On The Perfect T-shirt Fit For Men.

There’s hardly a wardrobe without T-shirts. This is one of the most versatile clothing items that must be in every men’s wardrobe. T-shirts can upgrade your looks even if you use it as a go to item. It matches the formal occasions along with all those super casual meet ups.

But this doesn’t mean throwing that random tee over your body does this all. You must take care of some of the things.

Now, here comes the role of fit as per your body. Gentleman, today we are talking about A Complete Guide On The Perfect T-shirt Fit For Men.

Great fit is magic in fashion. It can make or break your style within a moment. Put on an oversized T-shirt and you will surely look like a kid playing with his dad’s clothes. And the same guy in an undersized tee will look too uncomfortable and out of proportion as if he has grown up suddenly or if he is wearing the tee bought many years ago. So, you must pay a great attention to your clothing as a great fit is a key to a great style.

There are many brands and manufacturers fulfilling all those T-shirt supplies in the market. The measurement of one brand may not match to another. Does this mean we should always go for the same brand? Gentleman, if you find your fit then commit. But at first, how to find that brand who cut their tees that suits your measurement and shape.

Gentleman, finding a great fit is a bit trickier. You should know your own measurements and shape. (Follow this guide to know your measurements)

Now, you are in search of that brand that suits your measurements. Gentleman, it’s not rocket science to find your fit. There are some parameters that help you to find your best fitted T-shirts.

You must pay attention to some of these areas to find a proper fitted T-shirt no matter what your body type is.

Gentleman, here is A Complete Guide On The Perfect T-shirt Fit For Men:

#1 Neck

Neck or collar area will be pretty standard on crew necks. But if it’s making you feel like grabbing your neck, then you should go for a high size or if you can see some of your shoulder part then you should lower the size of your T-shirt.

Man Wearing V-Neck White T-shirt

In the case of a V-neck tee, make sure to avoid deep V’s at all cost. Deep V’s will not make you look muscular rather it results in looking weird. Gentleman, just make sure the bottom point of the “V” doesn’t go past the top of your armpits and you’ll be all fine.

#2 Shoulder / Seams

A great fitting T-Shirt can simply be identified clearly by observing how it sits around your seams. Small deviations can be considered but in the best case, make sure that the stitching lands directly at the top of your shoulder bone.

The best way to do this is find where your shoulder ends and your arm begins, and make sure the shoulder seam of your T-shirt doesn’t go too far past that.

#3 Chest

A great fitted T-shirt makes your chest look broad. But don’t take this too far and choose a T-shirt that seems too much stretched making bulge and divot and even stretching at your arm pit as well. This doesn’t make you look muscular. If this happens to you then size up from the moment without any other thoughts.

#4 Sleeves

You must pay a proper attention to both length and width when moving on to the sleeve.
The sleeves should perfectly lie around your mid-biceps and must lightly hug your arms. But don’t make the mistake of wearing tight sleeves for the reason of making your biceps look bigger. It will drastically degrade your look. Make sure your sleeve is not strangling your biceps.

Also, make sure that there’s no bunch of fabric around your arm. Gentleman, always remember, the sleeves of your perfect fit T-shirt should hug your arms lightly. Otherwise, a baggy sleeve makes your arms look much smaller than the worst.
If you find your T-shirt fit all around except your arms, take it to your tailor to slim it and make it fit well.

#5 Body / Torso

Man Wearing Perfectly Fit Crew-Neck Grey T-shirt

A properly fitted T-shirt highlights your physique. But the tighter one, more than needed, will make it worse. It doesn’t give the pleasant look, rather it makes you look super uncomfortable.

You must be able to just pinch (not pull) 1 or 2 inches of fabrics on either side of your stomach to have a perfect fitted T-shirt.

No matter what body type you have, there must be some fabrics left behind. Don’t just go for a tightly tapered T-shirt that can make all your parts outlined and visible.

#6 Length

Gentleman, the perfect fit T-shirt should have length somewhere between your mid crotch. This avoids showing the stomach when reaching something high by stretching hard.

You can even tuck your T-shirt in your belt to have a formal look instantly. A long baggy T-shirt makes you look short and out of shape.

So, make sure your T-shirt length lands in between your mid crotch.

Do Your T-shirts Fit Properly?

Now, you have got an idea on how your T-shirts are supposed to fit. Gentleman, it’s the best time to audit your current T-shirt collection. Just check all your collections paying attention to these areas mentioned above. If in case of any unmatched fit, take it to your tailor to fix it or go for a new one to renovate your collection. Gentleman, I suggest you commit to one brand once you find your perfect fit.

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