Bad Body Odor In Men & How To Get Rid Of It

Been through an embarrassing moment because of a bad body odor? No worries. Today, we will discuss the cause and the solutions on how to get rid of bad body odor in men.

It is said that each individual has a significant smell, but only some of them are benefited from it.

Unfortunately, the rest of them need to spend their time reading this article that provides you with the tips to get rid of bad body odor.

First thing first, before jumping through the tips, let’s know what causes the bad body odor so that it can be treated properly.

Shockingly, there is not only one cause to that, there are many.

Here we’ve listed four of the common reasons for Bad Body Odor in men:

1. Puberty

When a man hits puberty, his sweat glands start becoming more active which unwantedly results in a stronger & bad body odor. Puberty is a common cause of body odor and it is a natural process as well.

2. Excessive Sweating

The more you sweat, the more you stink. Apocrine glands which are located in the groin and armpits are responsible for that bad smell. The sweat produced by these glands is high in protein which is junk food for bacteria. So, you stink due to bacteria build-up in sweaty areas.

3. Foods & Drinks

Foods like onion and garlic whereas the drinks like alcohol leave a smell in your mouth, also cause your sweat to smell. Also, spicy foods and red meat do the same. So, limit these kinds of foods in your diet to control a bad body odor.

4. Stress & Anxiety

Apocrine glands become active in case of severe anxiety too. That’s why some people sweat when they are nervous and stressed resulting in a bad body odor.

Note: If you’re sure these are not the reasons for your body odor, you should not delay consulting a doctor.

Now that you’re well aware of the various causes, it’s time for some tips so that you get rid of your bad body odor.

1. Maintain Hygiene Routine

Take a shower daily, if possible with an antibacterial soap. This helps you get rid of dead cells and hence the bacteria.

Especially during the summer season, manage time to shower twice a day and go for some strong body wash. Make sure you are thoroughly cleaned and take some time to dry off your body especially where sweating occurs more.

2. Make Antiperspirant Deodorant Your Closest Friend

If sweating is the main cause of your body smell, covering up the smell with perfumes is not a great idea. So, It’s time to make antiperspirant deodorants your closest friend instead of perfumes.

3. Wear Fast-Drying & Sweat-Wicking Fabrics

Wearing the right clothing is a must. Right clothing here refers to something that absorbs your sweat and wicks it away from your body and also fast-drying. Here a cotton fabric can be your best bet. Also, make a note to change and always wear clean and fresh clothes.

4. Focus On What You Eat & Drink

As mentioned earlier, avoid foods like onion, garlic, and also no more spicy and junk foods. And replace drinks containing caffeine & alcohol with fresh juice.
Staying healthy is always a good habit and now eventually it helps you get rid of a bad body odor.

5. Groom Frequently

The more excess hair, the more sweating, and the more sweating mean more bacterial breeding which results in more bad body odor. Make the habit of grooming frequently and trim the excess hair where there’s heavy sweating i.e. under your armpits area.

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6. Home Remedies

Get blessed with an extra helping hand i.e. the old-school home remedies.

One is to use vinegar after the shower. Vinegar works as an antibacterial agent as it is highly acidic. Just splash a little vinegar under your armpits and rinse it off after a while.

Next is rubbing a lemon. It discourages the growth of bacteria and reduces a bad body odor.

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