How To Wear Men’s Boots The Right Way

Winter is near and here comes the ultimate guide on how to wear men’s boots the right way to boost an overall style.

Well, all you need is a pair of nice and sturdy boots that outstands with your jeans.

Also, boots are ranked at the top list of must-have footwear for men. The reason is that they are comfortable yet stylish and versatile that every man can pull off.

A pair of boots can take you from work to the weekend with ease. You must be wondering how, well that you’ll know when you read this article till the end.

Having said that, not all boots suit all occasions, so it’s important to be familiar with the different types of boots and the perfect ways to style them.

From Chelsea Boots to Combat Boots, Chukkas, Work Boots, and beyond, there are many types of boots that you can style with your outfits.

You look confused. Whoa, wait you don’t worry.

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Here we’ve listed the different types of men’s boots along with the styling tips for each.

1. Chelsea Boots: How to style them?

One of the most popular men’s boots.

Chelsea boots are great experiments for those who are trying to add boots to their wardrobe. Chelsea boots give you a sleek and simple boot style.

Chelsea boots are available in different color combinations from fine dark red and brown to black leather. So, you can experiment with those colors to make your outfits look more interesting.

To wear Chelsea boots casually, choose a brown or suede one and pair them with jeans, a t-shirt, or a roll-neck sweater.

For a smart and formal look, choose a pair of black or burgundy leather and wear them with a suit.

2. Chukka Boots: How to style them?

Chukka boots are an open lace, ankle-high boot style most commonly made with leather uppers and rubber soles.

Also known as desert boots, they are comfortable yet give a dapper and elegantly relaxed look to your outfit. Chukka Boots is one of the must-haves in the men’s boots collection.

Chukka boots are popular among modern men and are a great option for casual and smart-casual looks.

You can wear them with jeans or chino pants and a t-shirt, button-up, or a sweater for a smart casual look. If you want to experiment with your style, you can add a bomber jacket over your denim to finish the look.

3. Work Boots: How to style them?

Work boots are not significantly workwear anymore. Now, they have become the main essential of men’s fashion.

Work boots tend to be made with durable materials for maximum protection. So, they are comfortable to wear and more functional yet they can be worn with outfits for rugged and cool looks.

When talking about work boots, Timberlands are the most popular ones that most men love to wear. For a casual look, you can pair them with skinny dark color jeans and a jacket over a t-shirt.

Also, you can look smart by pairing them with dark skinny jeans and a simple blazer. Just do not forget to cuff your pants to show off your boots.

4. Biker Boots: How to style them?

Biker boots feature a low heel and buckle details that give tough and edgy looks.

Whether you are a bike rider or not, a pair of biker boots deserve to be in your wardrobe.

Nail your biker look by wearing a pair of biker boots with dark skinny jeans, a neutral t-shirt, and a black leather jacket to finish off your look. Also, it’s the perfect outfit for the weekend night out at the bar.

5. Combat Boots: How to style them?

Combat Boots are heavy, laced-up, close-fitting boots made of hard leather extending above the ankle and are featured with a hard sole and heel made up of rubber. They are usually known for their function rather than design as they provide an excellent combination of grip, stabilization, and protection.

So, if you want to add a soldier and add a rugged touch to your style, you can pair your outfits with combat boots.

Also, Combat boots are perfect for weekend outings or some trekkings. So, why not nail your look by pairing them with some dark color leather jacket and denim.

Now that you are well informed about different types of boots and how and when to wear them, make a choice and go for a perfect option.

What to consider when you’re buying boots?

1. Try on with a pair of socks

Boots are mostly worn in winter. So, you’ll most likely be wearing thick woolen shocks to match the weather. This will not just protect your legs from cold, also add some volume to your feet and adjust your feet inside the boots when the temperature plummets.

When you’re buying boots, you should try them on with a pair of thick socks to ensure that they can fit well when you are wearing them in chilled weather.

2. Look for real leather or suede

Always look for real leather or suede. It comes with a higher price compared to fake leather but if you want to invest in boots, then why not invest on best for once rather than investing more than one time on fake leather boots as they wear out too soon. Go for quality rather than quantity.

Also, real leather boots are much more comfortable and protect your feet from bad weather like rain, slush, and cold.

3. Decide where you are wearing them

First thing first, where do you plan to wear them? Decide and then buy according to the occasion you need to wear your boots the most.

If you’re looking for a weekend, think of a more casual style like Combat Boots or Work Boots. Or you need a pair of boots that looks formal yet classic, then go for Chelsea or Chukka Boots.

Hence, consider these 3 things and feel at ease when you’re buying a perfect pair of boots.

How boots should fit?

Selecting a pair of boots that perfectly fits your feet is not an easy task. So, here are some tips so that you get the right comfort when wearing your boots.

First thing is, your feet should feel supported which means you should be able to move your feet and ankles without any trouble or pain when trying on boots.

Next, ensure that the boots aren’t small. For this, make sure that you can fit a finger behind your heel so that your toes aren’t pressed. Also, a better option is to try on boots wearing a pair of thick socks.

This way, you’ll be able to select a perfectly well-fitted pair of boots.

Clean-Up & Maintenance

How to clean-up your boots?

To this topic, you are known about different types of boots, how to style them and how your boots should fit. Now, let’s find out the tips to clean it so that it sums up well with your personality.

Good Maintenance of your boots is a must. As they are the most durable types of footwear, they often get dirty and worn out. So, it’s important to take care of your boots and properly clean them.

Most men own leather boots and I also recommend going for the leather one. So, let’s start with tips on how to clean your leather boots and maintain them.

To clean leather boots, start by soaking the laces in warm water mixed with detergent in the case of lace-up boots. Then, use a damp cloth to wipe off loose dirt from the boots. Use a scrubbing brush to clean off marks and scuffs. Wipe boots over with a clean damp cloth. Take out the laces and polish your leather boots with high-quality shoe polish. Lastly, leave both the boot and laces to dry off naturally.

To clean suede boots, first, remove the laces and soak them in warm water mixed with detergent. Then, soak a soft bristle brush in a small amount of suede cleaner and brush the outside of the boots in little circles supporting the inside of the boot with another hand. Do the same on the other boot and leave them to dry for 24 hrs. Once they are dry, apply mink oil using a suede brush to re-soften your boots.

Gentleman Tips: Always wear a pair of clean boots to nail your personality.

How to store your boots?

Good maintenance of the boots not only includes cleaning but also includes storing them correctly.

After cleaning, once they are dry, be sure to stuff them with either paper or shoe trees. This will help your boots to hold their shape when they are not in use.

Always store your boots upright to ensure that they last for a long time.

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