6 Effective Steps To Maintain A Germ-Free Smartphone

Are you sure if you are spending your whole most of your time with a germ-free smartphone? We touch our smartphones more than anything else. There are depressing statistics that suggest that most of us look at our phones more than we look at our partners. Ever wondered who’s more romantic – Your Partner or Your Phone?

But with this pandemic being a very serious threat, your smartphone addiction has more potential to harm more. In addition to frequent washing and sanitizing your hands, experts say that deep cleaning your phone at least twice a week is the best. It’s worth noting that phones are not one of the main culprits when it comes to spreading disease, but studies have shown that the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for longer than you’d think which means that it could be living on your phone as well.

Are you worried about hearing coronavirus living on your phone? No worries though! Just follow these simple step-by-step guides to deep clean your smartphone and keep it free from all those harmful germs.

Here are 6 Effective Steps To Maintain A Germ-Free Smartphone:

1. Switch Off The Device & Remove Your Phone Case

Before you start cleaning, make sure to switch off your device and remove your phone from its phone case so that you won’t accidentally call or text someone, and you can better see the surface you’re cleaning as well.

2. Polish With A Lint-Free Microfiber Cloth

Gently wipe the exterior of your phone with a clean lint-free microfiber cloth to get rid of scratches and smudges. This will help remove the germs but remember, do not use a tissue or paper towel instead.

3. Reach For A Disinfecting Wipe

Disinfecting wipe with 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol is best like Lysol products are marketed as being safe for tropical use on electronics and effectively neutralize any leftover germs. Remember to wring it out if the wipe is excessively wet. Then gently wipe down every surface of your phone avoiding the ports.

4. Leave Your Phone To Air-Dry For 5 Minutes

After wiping your phone thoroughly, leaving it to air dry for at least 5 minutes is a must. But remember, do not put it in sunlight.

5. Reach For A Clean Paper Towel

Wipe away any leftover moisture with a clean paper towel or microfiber cloth. But do not use the same microfiber cloth you used in Step 2.

6. Finally, Clean Your Phone Case As Well

Simple, just repeat the same above process with your phone case. But note that you can use other detergents or some general washing liquids as most of the phone cases are made from durable hard plastic.

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