6 Stepwise Guides To Use A Hairspray Correctly

Not sure how to use a hairspray correctly? Well, you need not worry because that’s exactly what we’ll talk about today.

Unlike other hair styling products, hairsprays are easier to use and provide great results. However, like every other product, using them incorrectly can damage your hair, and no doubt, that is the last thing you’ll want.

Here are 6 stepwise guides to use a Hairspray correctly and will definitely turn you into a total pro when it comes to using a hairspray.

1. Apply Only To Clean Hair

The first step to follow to use a hairspray correctly. If you want the best results, make sure that your hair is clean and free of grease or tresses. Also, remember, hairspray’s best used when your style’s ready to be locked down or at least dry. If you apply hairspray to damp hair, you might not get the results you’re after.

2. Choose The Right Hairspray

There are many different types of hairsprays out there – hair fixing sprays for holding hairstyles, dry shampoos for greasy hair, hair coloring sprays, and many more including the glossy and matte finish. Therefore, before anything else, you should choose the right fit for your hair according to its purpose.

3. Keep Your Distance When You Spritz

When you are applying hairspray, be sure to hold the bottle at least six inches away from your head. If you apply hairspray super-close, you risk saturating your hair and achieving an almost greasy look instead of the shine you’d probably prefer. Also, it will dispense too much product onto one small area and results in hardening.

4. Spray Evenly

Make sure you spray and cover the overall head evenly. Just don’t hover on a particular area too long otherwise you won’t get the one you prefer and that can might lead you straight back to Step 1.

5. Put Your Brush Down

Don’t make a super silly mistake by brushing your hair after the application of hairspray or you could potentially cause some strand wear and tear since your style has been locked in place. If you want to brush in an optional case then reach for those with flexible hold.

6. Don’t Leave The Product In

A good hairspray should not leave residue, but it’s always better to give your hair a nice cleanse the next morning whether the product is of good quality or not.

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