Top 5 Shoes Every Man Should Own

Shoes can be viewed as a status symbol and have the potential to make or break your overall outfit.

Shoes are an essential component of any gentleman’s wardrobe and overall style. Shoes are always a symbol of attention to detail. Men are mostly known for being unconcerned about the clothing details as compared to women. But when it comes to shoes, most of the men have a great passion and connection.

We, men, care about our hair, our face, how we dress, and those killer shoes, this instantly elevates the overall style, from head to toe. A nice pair of shoes complete the outfit.

Do you base your overall outfit and style on the shoes? If not, you should. It’s a simple step to plan the overall outfit.

Assume, you have a short walk or run scheduled for tomorrow morning. As a result, you can be confident that you will be wearing your comfortable and favorite pair of athletic or running shoes. This results in you choosing your comfortable t-shirt and shorts for that morning.

This will save your time, and believe me, gentleman, it will remove all the burdens from your mind when deciding what to wear. This prevents you from gazing at your wardrobe by frustration and losing the motivation you have gained all the night before.

The same can be said for the outfit you want to wear on your long-awaited date with your favorite person. Choose your favorite black/brown boot/oxford and the rest of the outfit ideas will come to you instantly.

So, gentleman, you have been aware of the importance and role of the shoes in your overall outfit and style. But, you may be worried thinking about the budget, number, and type of shoes as you will be deciding your whole outfit based on the shoes you have chosen to wear.

Relax, I’ve already figured out all these problems and listed out the shoes every man should own. Just focus on these 5 types of shoes and add them to your wardrobe.

Top 5 Shoes Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe To Upgrade His Style

1. An Athletic / Running Shoes

These shoes are at the top of the list of shoes that every man should own. A stylish pair of athletic shoes can be worn at the gym or as your running shoes or even with your casual outfits.

Having a stylish and comfortable pair of athletic or running shoes always motivates you to get active and to lift more weights in the gym as well. So, why not include these shoes in your wardrobe.

Furthermore, it’s much easier and more comfortable to match these shoes with your super casual outfits when you’re about to have a casual meeting with your friends just to chill.

I recommend going with basic colors like black, white, grey, or navy and their combinations because they go well with a variety of outfits easily.

Colors like neon, yellow or bright red give off summer vibes, and you may also feel at ease with them as well. It’s worth at least a try. So, I recommend that you experiment with those colors as well, who knows, you might look the best.

2. A White Sneaker

A white sneaker can be considered an essential item for every well-dressed man’s wardrobe.

It’s the most versatile pair of shoes that every man should own. These pair of shoes look super sharp, clean, and classy and go with almost any casual outfit, as well as a few more dressy ones.

You will look great in a nice fitted blazer, dark jeans, and a sleek pair of white sneakers. But, gentleman, I recommend you to stick to the basics at first and only go for the combinations of white sneakers and suits or other super formal outfits once you’re comfortable.

Gentleman, along with all of the fashion benefits of white sneakers, there are some challenges too. Make sure you’re always wearing a pair of clean white sneakers. Small spots on the shoes can make you appear careless, and all your efforts, style, and other outfits will be shadowed and rendered useless as these dark spots are easily visible on white.

3. Oxford / Derby Dress Shoe

These shoes have a sleek profile with a round toe. They are appropriate for any outfit, from semi to super formal.

“Gentleman”, the word itself describes the appropriate attire. Always elegant and well-dressed. And with these oxford/derby dress shoes, you’ll always make an impression.

You may be attending an interview, an important meeting, a party, or a long-awaited date. Think of a well-fitted t-shirt and jeans with these dress shoes, or a white button-down and dark chinos or jeans with these dress shoes. You will be ready for all of those events or occasions.

4. A Leather Boot

Boots are considered utility items because they can be worn in both adverse weather conditions and more elevated casual outfits. They give off a tough guy vibe, in the sense that you are strong by your thoughts.

Choosing brown or black leather boots is the best option because they go well with so many outfits. Most importantly, boots are a must-have item in every man’s wardrobe during the fall season.

5. A Loafer

We, gentlemen, are busy with our work, and no matter what day it is, we are always hustling hard. But we must have our style on point. And here’s the loafer, which has a semi-formal appearance and is also a good choice for office wear.

It’s a comfortable one to use every day, giving you a sharp, clean, and on-point appearance. Now, you can walk confidently inside your office or work area with your head up & shoulder back. Loafers are anything you can keep clean and slip on at the start of your workday to get your job done.

To sum up

To look good, you should not spend a lot of money. Simple spend, rather I would say invest on the most important and high-quality items. Don’t spend all of your money on the same pair of shoes and then have nothing to wear the next day for different occasions. Not every day and every event are the same.

You simply cannot wear those running shoes to all of your events. So, invest in these 5 shoes and you’ll be ready for your daily activities, gyms, casual hangouts, and even the most formal events and other different occasions. Believe me, gentleman, these 5 pairs of shoes can handle almost any situation you can think of.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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