5 Important Reasons Why Men Should Use Hair Conditioner

Should men use hair conditioners? The answer is big ‘YES’. A good conditioner is as important as a good shampoo to a man’s hair care routine.

Wondering all around to get those silky, soft and healthy hair? It’s so easy to style and manage as well. And gentleman, the answer is in a good hair conditioner.

Hair conditioner helps us to achieve soft and healthy hair. The best hair conditioner will always moisturize your hair far better than any shampoo can as well as protect and strengthen hair.

For men, in particular, a good conditioner can help solve common hair loss problems, such as male pattern baldness, patchy hair fall, sudden and excessive hair shedding, even hair loss disorders that permanently destroy hair follicles.

Before entering the reasons to use Hair Conditioners, let’s talk about Hair Conditioners first.

What is Hair Conditioner?

Hair Conditioner is a moisturizing agent that keeps your hair soft, strong, and hydrated. It is filled with hair-strengthening vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients, which gives a moisture boost needed for your hair after a thorough cleanse.

Should it be used before or after shampoo?

A hair conditioner is a hair product to be used just after cleansing your hair with shampoo. This is because shampoo cleanses the hair to get rid of all those dirt, oils, and pollution and if you were to apply conditioner before shampoo, it would defeat the purpose and the shampoo would simply wash away all those moisture-rich goodness. So, simply understand that the conditioner restores the moisture balance.

Now you have got some knowledge about hair conditioners and their benefits.

Let’s dive into the main subject of this article. Here are the 5 Important Reasons Why Men Should Use Hair Conditioner:

1. Restores Moisture Balance

Hair Conditioner helps to restore the natural oil of your and provides the moisture need to it after a thorough cleanse. It helps to keep your strands moisturized.

2. Helps To Manage Long Hair

It may sound not so important for men those who have short hair. But if you are among the one who likes long hair, a good hair conditioner can do a trick to deal with any sort of hair damage, including split ends and super tangled hair.

3. Protection From UV Rays & Pollution

Too much exposure to sunlight or UV rays can damage your hair texture. The sun rays work like bleach and end up lightening the hair strands which results in weakening your hair with time. But the right hair conditioner can help you to get rid of all those damages from UV rays and pollutions as it is composed of antioxidants and essential oils.

4. Protects & Repair Hair’s Cuticle

The Cuticle is your hair’s protective layer, composed of overlapping cells. A healthy cuticle is smooth and flat. This gives your hair shine and protects the inner layers from damage. But unfortunately, cuticles can themselves be damaged which makes your hair rough and dull.

A good conditioner can help fix all this damaged and rough hair by smoothing the scales of the cuticle back to its healthy state. When the scales of the cuticle are scaled down to their healthy state, they better protect the inner layers of your hair from further damage. This strengthens your hair and even lowers the risk of hair loss.

5. Controls Natural Oils

Hair is composed of various proteins, water, and oils. As you shampoo your hair regularly, the harsh chemicals in the shampoo strip away all those natural oils. Striping out all those natural oils as well as overproduction of such oils by the sebum glands are not good for healthy hair.

And here, conditioners help to get rid of these issues by moisturizing the hair strands, it replaces the excessive oils and also prevents the scalp from overproducing the glands.

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