7 Tips To Wash Your Face Properly

Washing your face is a simple and basic task and is known to everyone. But doing it incorrectly can undermine your effort and may not provide you the best results. No matter what the skin type is, you should always follow these tips to wash your face properly to get better and faster results.

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Gentleman, here are the basic 7 Tips To Wash Your Face Properly:

1. Wash Your Hands

You are going to wash your face with your hands. Rubbing all the specks of dirt directly to our delicate faces may lead to unwanted consequences. So, make sure your hands are clean and dirt-free. Before you begin washing your face, wash your hands thoroughly with a handwash or a bar-soap to remove dirt and other residues.

2. Wet Your Face With Warm Water

Before applying any face wash or cleanser, wet your face with warm water. Always remember a water temperature and make sure it’s not so hot or it can be harsh and damage your skin. Using warm water softens your skin and opens the skin pores, making the cleanser work more effectively. Gentleman, wet your entire face before moving on to the next step.

3. Dispense Cleanser / Face Wash

Dispense a small amount of cleanser or face wash into the palm. Gradually work your way up to a nickel-sized amount. Too little amount may work for your face but may take a long time to show the result whereas using more than the recommended one may lead to dryness, redness, and peeling of your facial skin.

Also, using more than the recommended one doesn’t provide you the additional benefits.

4. Spread & Apply

Before you apply the cleanser/face wash to your face, rub your hands together. Spreading the cleanser or face wash across your hands will improve its effectiveness, allowing it to cover areas of your face.

After spreading it all across your clean palm, apply it gently to your face. Rub it to your face, forehead, and under your chin in a slow and gentle circular motion. Also, rub the side of your nose in a gentle upward motion. Don’t pull and push your skin. Don’t rub it like you are washing the oily dish plates. As you apply the product, be careful to avoid getting any of the products in your eyes.

5. Rinse Your Face

After you have rubbed the cleanser into your skin and cleansed your face thoroughly, rinse your face with warm water. The temperature of the water should be the same as you have used before to wet your face before applying the cleanser. As a reminder, don’t use too hot water, as this can act as an irritant.

Make sure to rinse the areas around your eyes carefully as some of the natural ingredients could irritate the eyes if not rinsed properly. Also, be sure to clean under your chin as well.

6. Dry Your Face

Simply pat your skin lightly with a clean, soft towel to dry your face. Do not rub your skin as it may result in redness and can also irritate the skin.

7. Apply Moisturizer

After you finished washing and drying your face, some natural oils have also been extracted from your skin during the process. So, it’s always a good favor to apply an appropriate moisturizer that allows your skin to rejuvenate fast and make it healthy and soft than before.

Always remember to use sunscreen while going out in the sun outside. As a reminder, be gentle while applying moisturizer and avoid it from getting it into your eyes.

Extra Tips

Wash your face twice a day; Morning and Before Bed Time. Always use your normal cleanser or face wash for your daily use. Also, you can use an exfoliator once or twice a week. Select the best face wash or cleanser that’s suitable for your skin.

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