7 Genius Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Are you upset about your thinning hairline? Well, you’re not alone there. Hair loss and thinning have become fairly common issues. As of now, working hard to make their hair look thicker has been a constant battle. But no more fear of losing that battle now, here we’ve collected the great ways to make your hair look thicker than ever before.

Back off to shaving your head, sporting a comb-over, and collecting baseball caps! Try these genius tricks out and make your hair look thicker.

1. Wash Your Hair

Most of the men fear losing hair for washing their hair more often. But in reality, washing regularly actually thickens your hair making them grease-free because grease can weigh your hair down, making it appear way thinner than you require. Also, you can use regular shampoo and wash it with warm water. Just don’t make the simple grooming mistake if you want your hair to look thicker.

2. Use Volume-Boosting Shampoo & Conditioner

Cleaning your hair with the right products is an important task. Oily or greasy hair is the kryptonite of thin hair. So, if you’re trying to boost the volume of your hair, make sure to wash your hair using a shampoo and conditioner that boosts volume and makes your hair look thicker.

Just be sure that when using the volume-boosting shampoo and conditioner, you use it in the same way you use regular shampoo but leave them each in the hair for 1 to 2 minutes before rinsing.

3. Style Your Hair With Mousse

Talking about mousse, let’s recall the big rock-and-roll hair of the 1980s, which was all use of mousse and hairspray. Styling your hair with mousse is a good call when it comes to voluminous and thick hair. Mousse creates stiffness in each strand of hair, causing your hair to stand up slightly and finally giving your hair a denser look.

Also, when coupled with a blow dryer and some hairspray, mousse can amuse you by thickening your hair nearly two times than before.

4. Reach For Hair Fibers & Dry Texture Spray

If you require some quick volume-boosting then hair fibers and dry texture spray may work like magic. Hair fibers work by binding to your strands of hair, creating a fuller look that hides your scalp. And dry texture spray works by simply lofting sections of your hair and giving a light spray at the root of every section. The use of both products makes sure to add some bounce to your hair and makes your hair look thicker and denser.

5. Switch Your Part

Switching your hair partition in different directions is a clever way to make your hair look thicker than before as a switch will help lift your hair away from your scalp. So, if you’ve worn your hair parted on the left, try switching it to the right or center.

6. Get A Better Haircut And If Possible Consider Coloring

Getting a better and right haircut can make a big difference for you when it comes to thickening your hair. Rather than growing hair or playing with partings, a shorter cut is always more flattering and also helps make your hair look denser.

Also, using hair dye or coloring is the best way to make your hair look thicker, as it can add contrast between your scalp and hair leaving your hair look twice as thick as before.

7. Use Rosemary Oil On Your Scalp

Rosemary Oil is proven to be a great treatment for hair loss. Just apply this oil to the thinning areas and massage your scalp with it. This will calm your scalp and help with hair thickening. Use at least 15 drops and continue for at least 6 months to get the best result.

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