5 Best Night Time Grooming Routine For Men

Previously, I have talked about the must follow night time routine for men. In that article, I have mentioned the term “Night Time Grooming Routine”. It’s important and must be included in every men’s night time routine. Today, I am talking about the night time grooming routine for men.

Gentleman, here are the 5 Best Night Time Grooming Routine For Men:

#1 Take A Hot Bath / Shower

Man Taking Hot Shower

Gentleman, taking a hot bath / shower is the first step in your night time grooming routine. It helps you relax physically, mentally and emotionally. This will also help you in reducing stress and your body always feels better after a warm bath or shower. It helps you to sleep better. Taking a hot bath / shower cleanses your whole body as well. And this not only keeps your bed clean but also keeps you away from all those dirt, oils or allergens problems. This is good for your skin and obviously for your overall health.

Just get under that hot shower, relax your mind, and get disconnected from all those disturbing thoughts, most of all, your electronic gadgets. Enter into a relaxation mode even if it’s only for a few minutes. Gentleman, also note the temperature of water. Maintain it as per your need. Too hot temperatures can be harsh and may damage your hair and skin.

#2 Cleanse Your Face

Man after cleansing his face

Now, it’s time to clean your face from all that dirt, oil and pollution it has absorbed throughout a whole day.

I know, you may be thinking why to cleanse it even after taking a bath or cleansing your whole body. But you can’t treat your face the same as your other body parts.

You must not manage a separate routine to cleanse your face as you can do it while taking a bath. Just remember to use a cleanser that’s suitable for your face. A bar soap or a body cleanser may be harsh for your facial skin. Gentleman, this night time grooming routine plays a great role in providing you a clear and flawless skin as well.

#3 Floss, Brush & Rinse

Man brushing his teeth

After your face, now give a time for your teeth. Oral health must also be considered in your night time grooming routine.

Brushing your teeth before going to bed protects you from tooth decay and gum disease. It’s a long 7-8 hours, so many bacteria will gather inside your mouth. So, it’s the must to maintain your oral health.

Not just brushing your teeth is enough. Flossing is also an important oral hygiene habit. It removes the food stuck in between your teeth and also cleans the plague in your mouth.

I recommend you to floss before brushing your teeth as many researchers have discovered flossing before brushing is the most effective way to eliminate plaque, bacteria and the food particles from the mouth.

Gentleman, you have flossed and brushed your teeth. Now it’s time to rinse your mouth with mouth-wash. This not only provides you a fresh breath but also the ingredients inside the mouth-wash will strengthen your teeth and helps you to treat certain oral health conditions.

#4 Apply Deodorants / Antiperspirants

Man applying deodorant

Another one in the night time grooming routine for men.

Many men may not include this in their night time grooming routine. But applying deodorants / antiperspirants is the same as cleansing your face, brushing your teeth and brushing your hair. It’s also a part of your grooming routine.

Gentleman, our body responds differently at night as compared to a day time. Same goes for deodorants / antiperspirants as our body reacts differently with the chemicals in it at night than they do in morning. And gentleman, there’s actually a big difference. So, always include this in your night time grooming routine.

Make a note that this application is applied to deodorant with antiperspirants i.e. if you are using the product to block sweat and odors.

After a shower, all your skin pores get cleaned and open which allows your deodorants to be absorbed more effectively. As the temperature goes low during night time which results in less sweat. Consequently, this gives the product more time to sink into your skin.

Gentleman, always apply deodorants just before moisturizing your skin to make its application more effective.

#5 Moisturize Your Skin

Man moisturizing his face

Now the final step in your night time grooming routine.

After a hot bath / shower, water evaporates off your skin quickly, leaving your skin dry. And Gentleman, dry skin can become really itchy and incredibly uncomfortable. Similarly, your skin has the most moisture when it’s wet and most moisturizers work best when your skin is already hydrated. This proves it as the best time to apply body lotion or moisturizer. So, the best time to apply moisturizer or body lotion is directly after showering. As you are known about the benefits of moisturizing your skin, make a habit of it.

Moisturizing is an important part of skin care routine and it’s the most after a bath / shower as your skin tends to dry out fast. You can choose a moisturizer depending on your skin type or the prescribed one from your dermatologist (if any).

A good moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and prevents your skin from early aging or wrinkling. It also makes your skin smooth and flawless. Gentleman, remember to moisturize both your body and face. Same moisturizer may not be applied for both. So, use as per your facial skin and your need. As an addition, apply a lip balm to avoid the crack on your lips.


Gentleman, all these night time grooming routines mentioned above will surely upgrade your hygiene and help you to be on a point, always perfect. So, gentleman add all these essential items in your bathroom from today.

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